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I am SO HAPPY you liked my HA fan art ; 3; you are a great inspiration ; 3; <3


YO!!! You’re a great inspiration! your art is soo amazing!(⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎) ahhh!!

forever waiting for a Brainy P.O.V. episode ;_;


Wish that e-file story was an actual episodeee!

did Tumblr eat my last message? I think I found the fic that the other anon was looking for. It's A Bittersweet Catastrophe by Pointy Objects fanfiction(.)net /s /2005578 /1 /A-BitterSweet-Catastrophe


Here you go, anon! Yay ! Thanks for the help!

Do you really think that there's gonna be more Hey Arnold in the future, that would be so cool.


Who knows!!

I like Arnie there's nothing wrong with that right? he is just so weird, doesn't have friends or parents everybody treat him bad and i feel a little bit sorry for him.


Aw, I have a huge soft spot for Arnie~. He is a bit weird and I enjoy him in the episodes he was in. People were a bit judgmental of him, kids can be pretty harsh. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking him. Since we don’t know too much about him, I find him intriguing enough! I wonder about his parents, if they’re still there and all! If there’s more Hey Arnold in the future, I hope Craig includes more Arnie just because lol

Have you written Hey Arnold fanfic? I want to read !!


No, I haven’t written any. I wanted to a while back but I can never commit to writing something, even a one shot. Not really confident in my writing skills or Hey Arnold concepts ;; 

Ok this is kind of embarrassing but do you remember a Hey Arnold fanfiction where Helga gets cancer? If you do, you you remember the name of it?


Hi anon! 
Oh dear, I’m sorry I don’t think I know that fanfic. I don’t really read them cause I never have the time to ): If anyone can help anon out, that’d be really great! 

How do you choose colors?


Hi anonymous! 
oh my, well…I feel like choosing colors isn’t my strong suit but I’ll try to give you the best advice as I can! 

The best way to choose colors is to understand what you’re trying to convey. Consider the overall theme of your picture, what kind of feelings you want to emote, etc. Next is to study color theory and understand its principles before you try breaking them! 
Play around with differing hues, values, lighting, and saturation. Its important to do life studies. Starting with monochromatic or black and whites is good practice to give you a better understanding of depth (which can be make choosing colors much easier for you during your planning stages)

I also like looking at photo references, art,and web designs for interesting color ideas. It’s important for you as an artist to know the kind of aesthetic you enjoy and it should steer you in the direction you want to take. 

For me, choosing colors was not part of the planning process in my work. I just thought, whatever looks good to me, I’ll use! Lots of my work consists of bright colors, high contrast, and saturation because I feel it looks appealing with cartoons. But, recently I found myself being more careful with colors and been studying a lot of different techniques. (I hope to try and apply them to future works soon…I’ve been kind of bummed not being able to do more finished works, but it’s been too crazy.)

A lot of it is exploring and trying things out for yourself! Never be scared of color. Play around with it, have fun! 

Other helpful links!: 
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creating your own color pallet 
Basic to advanced color theory and illustration 

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Color pallet generators:

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everyone in the neighborhood knows Balto by name, mainly cause they can hear us saying and screaming it all the time.