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Cute story? I met a boy over the summer but since he went back home to Utah we're making it work long distance. I'm ecstatic. We're really, really good for each other. We've had some unhealthy relationships in the past and it's so plain to see that this will be such a good thing. It already is. He's so positive, so sweet, and loves me a lot. We're both so open and honest with one another. I'm so grateful to have him, even at a distance. Thanks for letting me gush about him here!! :) <3


Ahhh!! Oh my goodness Zen, I’m so happy for you two. Thanks so much for sharing your cute story!! So glad you were able to find a person whose so great and kind. You two sound like a perfect couple because you’re also amazing and wonderful!

hi friend story time: i recently came out as asexual on facebook, and a few days later i get this impossible series of texts from my mom, saying i've ruined things for my future mother-in-law bc i "don't find her son attractive," basically that i just made the worst mistake ever. today my fiance texted me saying that since that status his mom has been questioning her identity and will probs talk to me about asexuality. i win. i win forever, the family that aces together stays together


Its funny how people misinterpret what asexuality is. Asexuals are capable of being in a romantic relationship and can be attracted to another, maybe not sexually! However, there’s no problem being aromantic and not liking anyone!! Glad you’re able to find someone who potentially understands where you’re currently standing!

I wanna tell Jay stories!! Ok in the sixth grade I had a crush on a boy with the most beautiful blue eyes I'd ever seen. We went to a dance together and passed a hundred notes back and forth. I wasn't very serious about him at all tho and soon moved on to...his best friend. The situation turned ugly and we stopped talking. So a few weeks ago I decided to apologize but I couldn't find him on FB or anything. It seemed like he had moved to another state. Two weeks ago, I bumped into him on the bus!


Oh! Wow. That’s great!! I hope you can rekindle your friendship with this person!!

My friend told me that she and her boyfriend were watching the first Harry Potter movie when they had sex the first time. It pretty much made my day, I cracked up so hard


Hahahaha omg!!! wow rofl!!

There is a super cute guy who sits beside me in Sociology. We're often in the same group, and he doesn't talk too much, but I have had a few short conversations with him. He seems like he might be a generally serious person, but I often see him quietly laugh at people's jokes, and I like that. I'm sure nothing will come out of this, but it's just to see people like him.


Awh! That’s real sweet. Seems like a nice guy! Thanks for the nice story!!

anyone have any funny stories or something really cute and happy to share? Please do. submissions are also open!

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