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Healthy honey and carrot cookies! 
Recipe soon to follow :)

Experimented today and made this!!! They’re healthy and not all that sweet but would taste good with jam. Oh, and this is also dog friendly! (Given that you feed it to them in moderation)~ I like it~!

i really like Phoebe’s little problem because really im sure people had some kind of gas problem in their lives. Maybe not as much as others or farting in a microphone but rofl phoebes my homegirl

Don’t forget guys, walmart is selling the complete series for a little less than 20 dollars when you buy it in stores (26 at the online store)!!

Buy it while its in stock~(=´∀`)

I had the weirdest dream that my older sister was john lennon, my little sister was ringo starr and I was paul mccartney…and in my dream we acknowledged that we were originally ourselves and turned into these people???

My sisters went to the library and I stayed in the car but they were taking so long… so I walked in and saw “John” reading stories to children and adults. Then I went over there a bit annoyed, and asked what was going on and my sister said “I think they like my accent. I can sound like a Beatle without even trying!”